Stay Warm in Winter with a Little Help



Winter presents all kinds of challenges, none more important than staying warm. Great bedding and warm clothing is the standard, as is good insulation on your home. Fortunately, modern technology has moved us beyond relying on wood stoves to heat the home. These days, electric heaters are the best way to keep your space heated.


Indoors, a ceiling mount electric heater is a great way to keep the heater out of the way. All too often a person can inadvertently trip over a heater, unplug it from the outlet, or otherwise damage the machine and potentially themselves. By keeping the heater mounted on the ceiling, you can make certain that it stays out of the way of the normal flow of the room, while allowing the heat to distribute itself evenly across the space.


Restaurants often use ceiling mount electric heaters due to the space needed for both the dining area and the kitchen. Often, restaurants have outdoor areas that also need heating during cooler months. Of course, the best restaurant heaters for the outdoors are outside heaters.


The positioning of outdoor heating is important; it needs to be out of the way, mobile, and able to cover large areas of the outdoor dining area at once. An outdoor wall heater can be attached to a post or other flat, upright surface to stay out of the way and heat from above, so as to avoid overheating the nearest patrons.


Outdoor hanging heaters are similar to outdoor wall heaters, in that they are out of the way, easy to set up, and they don’t overwhelm the dining area with their power. Problematically, they require a ceiling of some sort to hang off, which can defeat the purpose of outdoor dining.


Once you’ve decided where you want to place your heater and how you want to secure it, you have to decide how you want to actually heat the space. There are many different ways that electric heaters generate heat; perhaps the best way is through infrared.


With an outdoor infrared heater, you can reach higher temperatures at lower energy cost. An infrared outdoor heater is also less noisy than a normal outdoor heater, which the patrons of any restaurant can appreciate. You don’t want to sit down to dinner only to have the conversation drowned out by the heater hanging overhead, after all.

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